523 Yan'an Dong Lu (near Xizang Lu)
Shanghai, Shanghai

Hi all!

Ride after ride, our bi-weekly Shanghai Rollerskating ride by night gathers more and more people!!! Last time we were almost 45 riders rambling in the city streets (here are the pictures and the slideshow!).
This Wednesday, June 13th, we will backslide and will cross the Huang Pu river in order to discover Pudong (coz I know that many of you never been to the "dark side" of our city!).
Hereafter are the details for the next session:

Wednesday, June 13th:
What: It will be a ride around Puxi & Pudong by night, through small roads during one hour and half, staying in the downtown. No minimum level required ;-) We'll wait the beginners and the pros can enjoy the speed ahead! Bikers and skateboarders are also welcome! Click here to see the circuit.
Where: Let's meet in front of the Shanghai Concert Hall (Jinling Lu by Xizang Lu, nearby People's Square).
When: At 8:15pm!

PS1: If it rains, or if the ground is still wet due to the rain, we cancel the session.
PS2: Arrived at Science & Technology Museum, those who want to go back by subway will be able to do it because there are trains up to 10:37pm. And for those who wanna continue, we’ll go up to Next Age (Pudong Nan Lu by ZhangYang Lu) in order to have a meal together ;-) After that, it’s possible to go back to Puxi by the 24hours boat nearby this place.

More info: http://www.atomicskate.com/2007/06/09/upcoming-rollerskating-session-by-night-june-13th/

Hope to see you!


每次我们的刷街的欣赏夜景越来越集合越来越人!上次我们是差不多45个人( 照片在这里和动画在这里!)!

做什么: 在浦西和浦东街上轮滑,欣赏夜景。初学者可以来! ;-) 你也可以用自行车或者滑板。如果你要看我们的线路, 请点击这里。
哪里: 在上海市音乐厅 碰面(金陵路西藏路口)。最近的地铁站是人民广场站或者黄陂南路站。
时间: 晚上八点十五分钟!

PS1: 如果下雨,我们不玩。
PS2: 到了的时候在科技馆,如果你要回家,你可以坐地铁(末班火车在十点三十七分钟)。但是,如果你还要继续,我们一起去八佰伴附近为了吃晚饭! ;-) 然后我们可以回来浦西因为有24个小时的渡船旁边。



Official Website: http://www.atomicskate.com/2007/06/09/upcoming-rollerskating-session-by-night-june-13th/

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