Yangpu District, Kunming Rd #721 (near Tongbei Rd)
Shanghai, Shanghai

Livebar] upcoming rock events of Sept.!

Participants modules :
Torturing Nurse
Li Jianhong
Wang lingers
Xu Cheng
WANG Shi-hui (works)
Cheng Shi-kai
HUNG Chitung music


8Sept. Crazy Radio(Emo rock) from BeiJing ticket: 35/30 (includes one beer)

1984 Band Profile :
In March 2005, established in Hangzhou. "1984" is the first Thus, it means the cycle and the start. Folk music by the Wind / pop / after peer / pop noise impacts.
Band vulnerable to alienation lyrics and low-key restlessly typhoon lead listeners into the dark inner world.
Members : Mr Yuan / wheat singer / bass DU Qi Wang / Chen Xiao-dong guitar / drums
Entries : "Better Life" and "On the Road" "repent and be saved," "Desert of calls," "the winter room."

Enjoy the works to their shot! Http://ok.wo99.com/mplay.php?id=783365

15Sept. Punk party ticket: 30/25 (includes one beer)

21Sept. "San Huang Ji"(Sad Rock) ticket: 30/25 (includes one beer)

22Sept. "Stop before beginning" ticket: 30/25 (includes one beer)

23Sept. Noishanghai ,15:00PM ticket: 30/25 (includes one beer)

"MG",band 18:00pm ticket: 30/25 (includes one beer) ----------------------
Livebar[shanghai]---Home of underground music!
Tel :021-28336764 13918715944
Venue :Kunming lu 721`(near tongbei lu)Yangpu.
email:[email protected]

Bus routes to Live Bar

Metro 4, Dalian Rd station 1 EXIT turn right on kunminglu,go straight 500m left side!
17,19 (Tongbei Rd station),
37 (Jing,an si----Tongbei Rd station)
871,870,145 (Tongbei Rd station)
960,962 (Zhoujiazui Rd station)
842,868,(Dalian Rd station)
22,22电 (Liaoyang Rd station)
25,317,853,79,746,597,325,573 (Changyang Rd station)

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