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Web 2.0 and What It Means For User Experience Practitioners
Speaker: Gerred Blyth

What is Web 2.0 and why is everyone so excited about it? In this hour talk, Gerred will unpack this recent development and explain why "Web 2.0" doesn't really exist, but the concepts that underpin the buzzword such as social media, semantic data, and rich web applications are very real and very important.

The concept of Web 2.0 has been bandied about for around two years, but only now are we concluding how user experience practitioners have to amend their working practices, deliverables and design thinking.

With lots of real world examples and best practice, Gerred will arm you for battle in this new phase of understanding and developing user experiences.

About the speaker
Gerred has a history at the forefront of interactive experience consultancy in the UK and internationally, with a reputation as an innovative practitioner, across domains such as consumer web, mobile, worksystem software, and gaming.

Formerly a director of Amberlight Partners, Gerred defined and led new user experience approaches for clients such as Sony Playstation, AOL, Microsoft, O2, T-Mobile, Samsung, Mars, and 118118. Now, as an independent consultant, he is currently working with Sony BMG, Channel 4, Camelot and Credit Suisse to design new interactive experiences.

Our summer party this event is free of charge.

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