1436 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

UnPresenting : Giving talks that are more fun, require less preparation and leave your audience feeling awesome.

Join web veteran, comedian and conversational ninja Heather Gold who keynotes at Google, Web 2expo for a hands-on workshop limited to 16 participants.

You’ll learn the conversational mechanics that let you create quick intimacy and avoid boredom. Go from talking AT or TO a large group of people to talking WITH them. You already know how to have a great conversation with one person. Learn to read the room and transform your presentations into conversations. Sign up now.

Who should come:

* Anyone who gives presentations or runs meetings and wants to energize and engage everyone in the room.
* Designers, UX people, toolmakers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create space for authentic connection between people.
* Community, social media and marketing people who start, host and continue to energize conversations.

What they say about Heather:

“brilliant” “One of our favorite comedians” – boingboing.net
“Heather’s a black belt in engaging audiences in a meaningful and authentic way.” – Jerry Michalski, advisor Co-Tweet

Also, catch Heather keynoting tomorrow, November 18, at web2.0 expo talking about How to Tummel: Conversational Mechanics at 6pm PST.

Follow her on Twitter: @heathr

Official Website: http://heathergold.com/unpresenting

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