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Unforgettable Fire, or "UF", was born on New Years Day in 1995 as one of the very first U2 tribute bands to ever perform in America. After over thirteen years of playing in some of the most prestigious venues on the East Coast, UF has formed a reputation among many to be one of the closest experiences to being at an actual live U2 show. The members of UF are also very dedicated fans of U2, and will not settle for anything less than complete authenticity. In addition to performing a very impressive array of U2 material from pre-Boy to the most recent How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and beyond, the band does everything in their power (from wardrobe to lighting) to recreate the live U2 concert setting for their audiences.

A Police Tribute with New York's Finest
Featuring Mark Rinzel (The Jupiter Deluxe, The Neutron Drivers and Bubble) – one of the few humans who can play bass and sing like 70′s era Sting, New York’s Finest boasts Oscar Bautista (Session musician, Broadway guitarist for “American Idiot†) on guitar and Alan Camlet (Paul Collins Beat, Producer/Engineer for Hoboken Recorders recording studio) on drums. They play with the intensity of the teenagers they were when cutting their teeth on The Police. Before the “Lute Album,†before he lived in a castle, before the seven-hour yogic sex sessions, and before that Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot, Sting was once cool. New York’s Finest will remind you just how much you miss that guy.

Official Website: http://canalroom.com/event_detail.php?id=656

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