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Mobility! It’s not a choice, it’s a requirement. Even in the U.S., where usage rates have trailed our neighbors for years, innovation is finally taking off. Applications, content, and busines models must be customized to fit the needs of the ultramobile lifestyle.

On November 16, 2006, IBDNetwork will host its sixth one-day Under the Radar event, which will feature 32 emerging startups in the mobile sector. Under the Radar will take place on at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, CA. You’ll see a collection of companies in areas such as mobile content/video; sms and messaging; location/presence; voice services; marketing and advertising services; and a host of enabling technologies. From the industry experts and pundits to the company presentations and demos, you will learn about the future of mobility- it’s challenges and opportunities from consumer adoption to monetization of services.


4info | Admobs | BubbleMotion | CascadaMobile | ComVu | EQO | GreyStripe | Juice Wireless | Loopt | MotionDSP | Nexage | Ontela | PayWi | Pinger | Pixpulse | Pixsense | Plusmo | Renzoo | ScanR | Sharpcast | TinyPictures | Veeker | Voxlib | Winksite

To submit your company for consideration, nominate it by October 15, 2006.

Rutberg & co. - Rajeev Chand
CNET - Rafe Needleman
MobileCrunch - Oliver Starr
Gabriel Venture Partners - Tim Chang
Google - Deep Nishar
Fox Network Group - Jack Kennedy
Motorola Ventures - Harshul Sanghi
Orange/France Telecom

Each submission will be reviewed by our selection committee, which includes MobHappy, Mobile Mondays, MobileCrunch, Microsoft, August Capital, Qualcomm, Motorola, Orange, Bay Partners, Intel Capital, Panorama Capital, Perkins Coie, SAP, Trident Capital, VantagePoint Venture Partners, WaldenVC, and LewisPR.


The Graduate Circle is comprised of companies that have “graduated” from being under the radar and are gaining traction in the market. Attendees are invited to attend the Graduate Circle briefings to meet the CEOs and get first-hand information on company news and product announcements.


IBDNetwork’s sixth Under the Radar conference will showcase 32 companies in the mobility space — taking a hands-on look at the true innovators fueling an explosion of marketing, advertising, messaging, LBS, voice services and other business opportunities. Each of the 8 sessions will start out with a panel discussion of the sector then, 4 companies will pitch their company story to a panel of industry experts who are active in this space, along with an audience of early-adopter technology insiders. Both audience and experts will get a chance to beta test and offer feedback based on challenges, areas for improvement, the ideal industry “partner” match-ups, and how best to reach out and build up their audience. The conference will also offer ample time for presenters and attendees to network and share ideas and information.

Official Website: http://undertheradarblog.com/under-the-radar-mobility-conference/

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