1065 La Avenida St. Conference Center, Building 1
Mountain View, California 94043


matt marshall, technology reporter at San Jose Mercury News,called Under the Radar the "American Idol competition for startups."

ok, so 8 am is if you want breakfast, but we will start at 9 to show you companies that have been super cool but "Under the Radar." until now. i'm the writer for the blog, but the two women who run Under the Radar have hosted at least 15 UTR events since 2003.

Added by irina slutsky on September 30, 2005


irina slutsky

this event on nov. 16 is for ENTERPRISE companies -- kind of business-to-business stuff, so don't expect any of our friends to be there (some of you may know funambol though) -- the consumer UTR is in feb. thats where the renkooks will be i hope i invite them and i hope they say yes

irina slutsky

everyone keeps telling me how hot zimbra is. that's good since they're coming too.

irina slutsky

writely is coming!