859 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, California 94109

Rolling Stone journalist, David Fricke, spoke of the band as his favorite band of the year.
"Welcome to the best band in Denmark, probably the best band in the world."

David Fricke's comments drew international attention spreading the interest in the band to countries outside of Denmark.

UNDER BYEN has now finished their third full length album, with the rather cryptic title SAMME STOF SOM STOF ( SAME FABRIC AS FABRIC). It is released by Morningside Records / Playground music on March the 6th 2006. The first single will be the title song AF SAMME STOF SOM STOF (OF FABRIC FABRIC AS STUFF) which shows UNDER BYEN's experimental, yet catchy side, featuring some corny tuba, tacky kalimba and pumping bass. Different, haunting and unmistakably UNDER BYEN.

Official Website: http://www.gamh.com

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