Mathenesserdijk 418
Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland 3026GV

unDEAF: Dutch Electronic Art unFestival

unDEAF is a satellite event of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2007. unDEAF is uncurated. Your work will not be judged, or restricted by a theme, neither it has to be finalized. unDEAF is self-organized. You organize and promote your own event, whether an art piece, a performance, a talk, a workshop, a meal, a song, a party or other as-yet-undefined events.

How to participate in 3 steps:

1. Announce your event at the website (
2. Subscribe to the mailinglist and stay tuned to the latest news.
3. Show up in person or avatar from 13th to 15th of April.

For those brave-hearts that would like to help organizing unDEAF, we might have simple accommodation for free.

From Tuesday 10th to Sunday 15th of April
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Free participation

Official Website:

Added by ruiguerra on February 14, 2007



Were doing a roomware presentation here. I won't be there personally though.


Hi tizzle that's cool!
You already can announce your presentation at the website. cheers, rui


And for those that want to keep fit at the unconference, we are hosting a Wii Tennis Tournament - Wiimbledon at unDEAF. Sign up at: