Nyelandsvej 75A
Copenhagen, Hovedstaden 2000

CodeGarden is the annual Umbraco developer conference that always blows people away. Two full days/evenings/nights of sharing, caring and mindblowing demos and sessions.

The who’s who of umbraco will be gathered and share their knowledge through talks, tutorials and via un-conference formats like open space or hacking sessions. We have booked a cool industrial venue in Copenhagen where we’ll have one huge room, three rooms for breakout sessions and a Café that serves your taste of espresso.

We'll have anything from beginner sessions, over advanced to pure hacking sessions. Add package developer contests, show-off event and not to mention the very crazy annual Umbraco BuzzBingo(tm). This is not to be missed.

Official Website: http://umbraco.org/codegarden

Added by hartvig on February 10, 2009



wouldn't miss it for the world... flying in for the most daylight in one day i have ever seen [june 21] -- coming by myself this year, so everyone will get good and sick of me :P


Cool Bob, be good to meet up with you. I expect you to be shouting down the bingo callers again this year ;)

laurence g

Looking forward to it! As soon as I get paid, flights and tickets shall be being booked! ;)

Any recommendations for places to stay? I mentioned this to someone the other day, and the recommended just renting a flat for a week or two?

Looking forward to it! Lx


Bob - don't worry we'll look after you!
Laurence - I've booked here: http://www.cabinn.com/english/index.html
Should be a great trip!


im staying at avenue hotel http://www.avenuehotel.dk
flyinng sunday afternoon.


woohoo! I've just booked my flight to Copenhagen. First time at CG. Excited.

@imayat12 ... the Avenue Hotel looks pretty cosy ... think I might book there too :)


CG virgin here....Looking forward to it.

Aron Gamble

Looking forward to it, staying at the Nebo Hotel...


leaving london Sat 20 Jun 11:55. Let me know if you on my flight.