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We're starting a new technology meet-up in London called Ultra Light Start-ups (ULS)


Ultra Light Startups" is a group of entrepreneurs who explore the perpetually evolving factors making launching and running lean, non-capital-intensive technology ventures quicker and less expensive.

The ULS meeting format relies on a highly participatory and collegial environment where all attendees contribute and benefit. The goal is to create a community where best practices can be shared and refined.

The model has been successfully deployed and run in New York, and we would like to build on that success here in London. The full description can be found at:


Topic for the Next Discussion

"How has the ultra light model become more relevant in light of the increasingly cost-conscious environment?"

Over the past few weeks, we have all seen the various presentations from VC's to their portfolio companies – cut costs, reduce headcount, sweat your capital. A few examples are below.


They are in effect espousing the "ultra light" principles many of us have adopted from the start.

How has this message reinforced the ultra light model? Has anything changed for us? What are some best practices for staying "lean and mean" and what can be done to become even leaner?

Join a few of your fellow "ultra light" entrepreneurs to discuss.

Please note, this event is meant for entrepreneurs or investors actively participating in the start-up scene. If you attend, you will be expected to actively contribute, present, and share ideas. No free-loaders!!!!!


The group will meet on the first Tuesday of every month.
We have space in the Mezzanine section of Vibe Bar reserved under "Ultra Light Start-ups"

Official Website: http://ultralightstartups.com/london/

Added by raybernaz on October 23, 2008