Victoria Street
London, England

The second follow up casual gathering from the highly successful BarCampUKGoveWeb.

Bring yourself, your ideas and a willingness to learn

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Added by abscond on February 18, 2008



We need a better naming convention


James, you are right - however I do quite like the fact thatit is getting longer and more complicated - I am also THRILLED that you are still going to come along... need to pick your brains (again)


Ah, minor point, I may not be coming along. I'll be at my new job.
If there is any time out of office hours you wish to pick my brains, that's great.

Which is a good point. How do all you guys manage to get to these things during working hours. Aren't you all meant to be running the country or something?
Am I the only one wishing for a post-hours meetup?