Cambridge, England

The UK Honeybee Network are organising a Shodh Yatra for September - this is a journey for the search of knowledge, creativity and innovations at grassroots. It’s a journey where like-minded individuals walk together, sharing thoughts and discussing new ideas. We will be walking from Cambridge to the North Sea coast visiting educational, cultural, historical & community centres and meeting with groups and individuals who are using their creativity to develop a novel approach to overcome a problem or issue.

The Honey Bee Network has organised many similar events in India and through their endeavours helped unearth hundreds of new ideas and innovations and we aim to do the same here in the UK.

All are welcome to participate, we will be walking a max of 20km a day and staying in basic accommodation.
We need to ask for a deposit of £250 from participants and the total cost will not exceed £500.

Please see our website for more details and contact us as [email protected] for more details.

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