515 Madison Street
Seattle, Washington

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UIE is excited to continue our brand new UX workshop - Secrets
Behind Designing Great User Experiences; a full-day workshop,
based on 10 years of UIE's extensive research, that will
deliver new insights and inspire your team to create
the best user experiences.

Recognized industry leader, Jared Spool, will share information that
previously was only available to our biggest clients. You'll
learn these secrets:

- What you can learn from the design processes behind Apple,
Nintendo, and Netflix
- How to take your team and designs to the next level
- How constructing a solid experience vision is one of the most
critical methods for getting your organization behind your UX efforts
- What professional magicians know about using the art of illusion
to simplify otherwise complex designs

An eventful day, with a ton of detailed examples, hands-on
exercises, Jared's usual funny material, and, for the first time,
live magic tricks!

See the details of the full-day program at

Get $75 off registration with promotion code: YAHOO

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