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Cape Town, Western Cape

UCT Surf Club Party - LPShow, Spatch and more...

UCT surf club in association with Von Zipper is holding its pimp?d out 2006 club party: We have 3 awesome bands in the lineup for the night. LPShow, Spratch and Aces High will be rocking out. This is a co-hosted social for the UCT surf club and waterski club, but is open to the public. R20 gets you in. So dress styling and spread the stoke.

LPShow: They describe themselves as being 5 years old. I think they`re refering to the band and not there ages but one can never be sure. They started off playing melodic punk. Joe Soap the First was aptly their first release. They then moved to a hybrid of drum n bass and punk and released - Shouting from the Rails. This led them to experiment with a variety of styles in one album - Krazy is Kareeokee. This, along with Shouting from the Rails, was a movement into the unknown. The use of backtracks, syncronized music videos and Geoff and Galen`s Chronic on stage antics, broke what normal shows in South Africa deliver. They only
played 6 shows, but word spread fast through the sewers and alleyways of Cape Town. Their latest release is a similar hybrid of styles. `Wut is Dis` describes the album pretty well. They`re pushing a progressive sound.

Spratch: The Spratch sound can best be described as a blend of emotional acoustic rock and alternative punk rock. Combining clean guitar rhythms with passionate, distorted punk rock energy, Spratch create uniquely diverse songs that bridge the gap between the two genres. Song themes range from lighthearted everyday experiences to more intense, thought-provoking topics like poverty, HIV/AIDS & perspectives on life. This band will be hitting the Cape Town rock scene hard this year and they plan on making their first show for the year a memorable one. Spratch has been very busy over the holidays, having recently designed and launched their new website, www.spratch.com. There is also a music video in the pipeline, and their debut album is due out early this year. They pride themselves on making each show unique so be sure to come and check them out!!

Aces High: 3-Piece alternative/prog-rock/blues/indie/rock ?n roll band ? a band as diverse as their influences melding their very personal and aggressive approach to stark, but intense instrumentation into a set of unique sonic landscapes.

Aces High started off by playing the kind of music we each enjoyed listening to, we developed this theme to express, however explicit or subtle, the influences informing our sound and songwriting. Early songs were simply dubbed a name derived from the particular band they sounded like, until we started getting to a point where the sounds and songs we were making we couldn?t derive easily from a single source ? and that is the departure point for the music we currently write.

The trio is made up of hard-working musicians cramming in band rehearsals around our schedules. The band exists for these practices and gigs which we take as an intimate affair of sonic sensual assault, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, but always stimulating!

Official Website: http://www.armchairtheatre.co.za/gigguide.asp

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