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We are currently planning on getting a little more in-depth regarding OCS voice capabilities. There are lots of cool things we can enable for our employers and clients through OCS from voice, to presence, to custom applications. Since our group spans Exchange and OCS – we figured starting somewhere on the OCS side of things would be great for everyone. Next quarter, when we are next to the release of Exchange 2010, we’ll try to jump back into the Exchange stuff.

In terms of finding great speakers… We lucked out and got Duncan Blake from Unify Square to talk. He has a long history on the product team at Microsoft and is currently over at Unify Square helping customers implement this stuff in the real world. Of course the small other fact about Duncan is his status as an instructor in the OCS Ranger program. In other words teaching the best of the best in Microsoft’s opinion.

Added by joshuamaher on June 26, 2009