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Paull Young

Young's in. Hopefully we can find some more "Truck Bombs".

Amanda Gravel

Obviously I will be attending. I live for this stuff.


While I completely resent the World Series reference :::silently gagging::: in your blog entry (Sarah Wurrey!), I will get over myself and enter the city limits of Boston on the one condition that there is mad fun to be had! :)

Looking forward to it creeps...


It. Will. Be. EPIC.

Sarah Wurrey

Okay, so while it would be disastrous to lose Youngie to his silly little rugby game, should we keep it St. Patty's day weekend? I think the green beer allure may trump the allure of Youngie. Hmmm....


I am nothing short of excited. Last pub crawl I did was a historic-themed one in London two years ago. Can't. Wait.


All the details are up:


Looking forward to catching up with all of you in person again! @bmaleszyk



It's euil not eiul.