835 Geary
San Francisco, California 94109

On April 23 San Francisco celebrates the release of Jaunty Jackalope, a.k.a. Ubuntu 9.04. This is the tenth major release of Ubuntu Linux: the most popular flavor of the most popular free operating system ever. Ubuntu California is hosting an all-out rumpus in the Tendernob, featuring a lineup of old and new school electro DJs making music on Linux, Linux robotics demonstrations courtesy of Orb SWARM, free Jackalope CDs, and a fat bearded dork wet Linux t-shirt contest (weather permitting).


STARPAUSE a.k.a. Jordan Gray is a noted San Francisco chiptune producer and founder of the Mp3Death.US (Creative Commons) netaudio label. He performs and composes electronic music on a variety of Linux devices, including an Eee PC running Ubuntu and the Linux-based Game Park GP2X handheld. STARPAUSE and his DJ crew will be manning the tables all night, celebrating both Jaunty Jackalope and the 23rd birthday of fellow DJ Jens (aka Cyndi Looper)! Be sure to wish Jens a Sucka Free FELIZ CUMPLEANOS.



SWARM is a kinetic art work composed of six semi-autonomous spherical robots (orbs) rolling under their own power. Each has a metallic spherical body roughly thigh high to an adult. SWARM was commissioned for Burning Man 2007 and has since appeared at Yuri's Night, Coachella, Maker Faire, and many other venues. Members of the SWARM crew will be on hand to demonstrate the Orb's internal workings -- including an embedded ARM TS-7800 board running Debian Linux, which controls lights and sounds in addition to motion and sensing. Ubuntu California and The SWARM Project are not responsible for any injuries resulting from failure to respect the robots.


Official Website: http://modernhacker.com/jaunty

Added by Jesse Zbikowski on April 19, 2009



it's also Jay (exillon) bday ... this night is going down in history!


it's too bad but sonicdeathrabbit and baseck won't be making it up from LA for this party, but the other artists are locked in and we have a 5 track sampler for download to check the vibe before it hits!