3125 16th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Urban Alliance for Sustainability Green Movie Night

The Next Industrial Revolution

Thursday, June 21
doors @ 6pm, movie @ 6:30, discussion to follow

Little Roxie Theater
3125 16th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103
GoogleMap: http://tinyurl.com/t6pcc
more details: http://www.uas.coop/node/573

Come absorb some of the most insightful films, documentaries and commentaries across a wide spectrum of relevant topics of today and tomorrow. Urban Alliance for Sustainability's Green Movie Night provides a casual space for you to meet others in the local sustainability movement and encourages lively, open discussion. Local organizations working on the theme of the month participate in a Q/A discussion with the goal of creating effective collaborations and solutions. Afterwards, conversation continues down the block at Elixir (www.elixirsf.com), a Green-Certified business offering Green Movie Night attendees $1 off any organic beer, wine or mixed drink with your ticket stub.

Movie Night Details:

Doors open at 6pm, speakers and film start at 6:30pm. Seating is limited and we'll start promptly so you are encouraged to come early. Admission is $8 or $4 for seniors and New College students, payable at the Roxie box office two doors down. Additionally, a discount is available to qualified UAS members - for more info go to http://www.UAS.coop/join

This month UAS is honored to co-host Green Movie Night with special guests Ann Bartz, BALLE.

Movie Description:

While some environmental observers predict doomsday scenarios in which a rapidly increasing human population is forced to compete for ever scarcer natural resources, Bill McDonough sees a more exciting and hopeful future. In his vision humanity takes nature itself as our guide reinventing technical enterprises to be as safe and ever-renewing as natural processes.

Can't happen? It's already happening...at Nike, at Ford Motor Company, at Oberlin College, at Herman Miller Furniture, and at DesignTex...and it's part of what architect McDonough and his partner, chemist Michael Braungart, call 'The Next Industrial Revolution.'

Shot in Europe and the United States, the film explores how businesses are transforming themselves to work with nature and enhance profitability.

Length: 55 minutes
Directed by Chris Bedford and Shelley Morhaim
Produced by Shelley Morhaim for Earthome Productions

About Urban Alliance for Sustainability (UAS):

UAS seeks to integrate and inspire the sustainability movement in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. By returning focus to solutions instead of problem statements, UAS hopes to activate the energy of those individuals and organizations that are feeling overwhelmed or helpless in this currently unsustainable world. For more information or to get involved, visit http://www.uas.coop.

Official Website: http://www.uas.coop/node/573

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