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From Japan, signed to Room40 Recordings, psychedelic folk-pop from Deerhoof / The Pastels / Tape collaborators.

Tenniscoats + Hind Ear + Jacob’s Stories (live band exclusive show)

Date: Sunday. 7th June 2009
Time: 8pm-11pm
Venue: The Albert, Trafalgar St, Brighton, TEL: 01273 730499
Tickets: £6 adv. / £7 on the door: Rounder 01273 325440 / Resident 01273 606312 / Edgeworld 01273 628262

Over 18s only

In essence Tokyo’s Tenniscoats celebrate all that makes song vital in our collective conscious. Matching emotive live performance against delicately psychedelic folk songs, the duo of Saya and Takashi Ueno (assisted by a plethora of floating members), create some of the most compelling music currently emanating from Japan.

Saya, lead vocalist for Tenniscoats is one of the key figures in the tokyo underground pop scene, a catalyst and collaborator, organising shows and giving opportunities to younger musicians on the scene, whilst spreading her own wings with far-flung collaborations. Two are due later this year with The Pastels (on Geographic/Domino) and Deerhoof’s Satomi as OneOne - the name a sweet pun on the japanese onomatopoeia for a dog’s bark. These follow last year’s two stunning records - Totemo Aimasho (trans. ‘Lets meet very much’ for the Australian ROOM40 label) and Tan-Tan Therapy (for Häpna in Sweden).

Saya is also a member of Maher Shalal Hash Baz and runs the Majikick label with her partner Takashi Ueno (Tenniscoats’ guitarist/saxophonist) from their base in Tokyo’s outer suburbs.

"their most impressive statement so far, a convincing and beguiling melange of whispy folk, hazy psychedelia and murmuring electronics among which deft melodies blossom almost unnoticed" THE WIRE

"It would be so easy to just write ‘ambient Japanese folktronica with occasional cutesy vocals’ and have done with it. But frankly, such dismissive generalising ill-serves this wonderful duo".
Chris Jones BBC

"There are clear influences from bands such as the aforementioned Fennesz and Scandinavia's Tape, and the whole free (freak?) folk in general, maybe by way of Maher Shalal Hash Baz, but what Tenniscoats have ended up with is an album which stands on its own as totally singular and hugely enjoyable". Boomkat

Hind Ear
The newly monikered Revenge Of Shinobi.
“Post-euphoric comedown sensations...a definite progression from the sound of the Shinobi years” Not For Resale

Jacob's Stories + live band
Stuart lee performs a one-off performance with a three-piece live band. Type PR expects this will be a night not to be missed.

“Lee’s desperately pretty songs are backed by hauntingly Spartan strings and shimmering electronics” ROCK SOUND

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