300 College Street
Toronto, Ontario

Christian Hansen & the Autistics: http://www.chatamusic.com/

Christien Summers: http://www.christiensummers.com/

Fitness Club Fiasco: http://www.myspace.com/fitnessclubfiasco

Rancho Relaxo / Friday Jan 13th / $7 / Doors at 9 /

A night of indie-pop on the electro side and a stacked night at that. Starting with Fitness Club Fiasco! A band that started in the UK but has reformed and is now making music in Toronto. I stumbled upon them when checking out the Distant Cousins lineup the other day and really liked what I heard. Fitness Club Fiasco are the perfect intro to this night of stellar music.

Then it will be Christien Summers, an awesome act on Upper Class Recording who will be debuting at Rancho. When I hear Upper Class Recording, I know that I am in for some stellar creative and original indie music. Fresh off opening for Memoryhouse, Christien Summers takes back to the stage. Here's the brief description from the bandcamp which I think captures what I am hearing quite well:

"Christien Summers stems from electronic sounds, that merged with stage persona of cool sexuality, streetwise style and dizzying vocal glamour, give a dramatic yet dreamy pop experience all at once familiar and strikingly modern."

Then closing it out are Christian Hansen & the Autistics. Recently relocated to Toronto and fresh off a stellar and well received set at the Horseshoe Tavern things are really getting moving for this stellar electro pop outfit. Here's how Lonely Vagabond summed up that set:

"Establishing themselves in Edmonton and relocating to Toronto, it’s clear Christian Hansen & the Autistics are determined to make a statement round these parts. While the recordings have an artsy disco-dance-pop quality, the bands ability as an energetic live presence also comes to the fore, drawing on an indie-rock spirit while achieving a balance between retro dance-pop and a hint of British post-punk, punctuated with dynamic vocals, shining keyboards, cheeky harmonies and boundless energy. A strong band with the potential to appeal to a wider audience, they just might grow on you."

Where: Rancho Relaxo (300 College)

When: Friday Jan 13th

How Much: $7

Doors at 9 music at 10!

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/199713810121633/

Added by Upper Class on January 3, 2012

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