Rua dos Remolares, 8 (Cais do Sodré)
Lisboa, Lisbon 1200-371

Completely informal - arrive at any time, leave at any time. Come meet in person the people who you follow or follow you on You don't have to be on twitter to participate, it's a great event to discover more about it.

You can see Twittlis #5 here, and the first nano-Twittlis (#5.5) here.

Besides the wonderful assortment of lagers and ales (and non-alcoholic drinks too), there is a good and hearty selection of dinner choices, at affordable prices.

I'll be there from 6pm on, show up!

The next Twittlis is on December 3rd, same place, same time.

Added by Pedro Pinheiro on October 21, 2008


Pedro Pinheiro

Twittlis #6, as usual, was very interesting and lots of fun! This one had a innovation, part of meetup was broadcast through Yahoo! Live, so we had a number of remote guests too!

The people present "in the flesh" were:


Remotely, we had (please leave a comment if I missed you):
@cpinto (hat trick, in the flesh and remotely!!)
(...) (we had more)

I have no idea who shot each photo, the camera and flash were passed around the table... :-)


Nice photos. Is there a recording stored of the yahoo live! video?
See u next time! Cheers,


very, very cool!! ;)


:D it was great. ;-)

Nuno Nunes

A great time was had by all, with the regular assortment of conversations and discussions ranging from the normal and worldly to the plain bizarre and stupid.

Just the way we like it! :-)