Rua dos Remolares, 8 (Cais do Sodré)
Lisboa, Lisbon 1200-371

Completely informal - arrive at any time, leave at any time. Come meet in person the people who you follow or follow you on

Besides the wonderful assortment of lagers and ales (and non-alcoholic drinks too), there is a good and hearty selection of dinner choices, at affordable prices.

I'll be there from 6pm on, show up!

Added by Pedro Pinheiro on September 17, 2008


Mind Booster Noori

Not that I'm very happy with going to an event that has a photo of SAGRES (yuck!), but I guess that this time I'll be there ;-)

Pedro Pinheiro

What a great Twittlis this one was!! We had a great time, with a lot of first timers, and we even had a guest from abroad.

The following people showed up:

@als - Alexandre
@armandoalves - Armando
@cpinto - Celso
@dbarradas - Daniel
@flaviapm - Flávia
@gambuzino - Nuno
@h_tr - Hugo
@jnogueira - João
@loboastuto - Nuno
@lumacafi - Luís
@mind_booster - Marcos
@nloureiro - Nuno
@olifante - Tiago
@ppinheiro76 - Pedro
@pzriddle - Prentiss
@retorta - Mário
@ruidlopes - Rui
@sambinha - Cecília
@vd - Vitor

The uploaded photos were shot by me (@ppinheiro76), @lumacafi, and @loboastuto.

Thank you all for coming! See you on Twittlis #6 on the 5th of November.

If you want to sign up for SHiFT (, you can use the following code for a 20% discount: twittlis-7b5f83f7


It was a great meeting Pedro, thanks!


It was wonderfull and very nice time with all you.
Let's wait and see if I can go again in the next one.


cool meetup, pedrocas! ;) (and - by the way - cool shots you guys!)