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From twitter to mobile apps, what was once just "social media tools" are now offering companies something we've never seen before: the ability to cheaply, directly and instantaneously reach a massively targeted customer base.

Suddenly, behemoth brands and tech startups alike are embracing "social media" strategies to create bona fide channels for engaging new customers, retaining current customers, and driving long-term revenue. But before you go hiring an iPhone developer or recruiting a VP of Tweets, you need to know how much impact on revenue and customer acquisition these technologies really have. In this economy, is it cost effective to spend your time and resources developing and managing over-hyped fads...or are they actually new valuable channels?

We'll discuss:
* How much impact does twitter, mobile apps, and other social media tools really have on customer acquisition?
* Do these tools offer a competitive advantage beyond the cool factor?
* How can you rise above the mainstream mania and get heard?
* What's the ROI? How can you measure success? Is monetizing your app or twitter stream still a pipe dream?

Robert Gelick, VP, CBS Mobile
Joe Greenstein, Figurehead, Flixster, Inc
Richard Jalichandra, CEO, Technorati
Emily Olson, Co-Founder, Foodzie

Moderator: Jeremy Toeman, Partner, Stage Two Consulting

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