1 Miramontes Point Road
Half Moon Bay, California 94019

Any Twitter or FriendFeed user is welcome to meet us at the Half Moon Bay Ritz on Tuesday evening for a "tent party" -- I'll bring cheap wine and cheeze. Aimed at raising our spirits in this bad economic time and networking ideas for how to help each other as the economic storm washes over our economy.

If you're coming, the Ritz charges for parking. If you want to avoid the parking fee, call me and we can park at my house and walk down. I'm at +1-425-205-1921

Official Website: http://friendfeed.com/scobleizer

Added by Robert Scoble on October 12, 2008



I'm looking forward to it!

Here are some additional ideas to help us flourish instead of contributing to widespread panic:

Redefining the Echo Chamber to Excel in an Economic Crisis - http://tinyurl.com/543l7t

Jessan Dunn Otis

I have been there (Half Moon Bay); and, would be there (again), if I weren't teaching on the Right Coast.

Can you bring your "tent" over here?

Recommendation: bring enough wine.

Suggestion: Be part of the solution; not part of the problem.

With you in Spirit ~



Wish I could make it down there tonight. Make sure you do it again. And please put me on your list so I can get a little advanced notice. Have a beautiful and uplifting time. --JOY