167 Orchard St
New York, New York 10002

($5. Continues Thursdays & Fridays through April 15th. 917-856-3535 for info). The Legitimate Theater Company presents Twelfth Night, Or What You Will: The Drinking Game, at the Slipper Room, one of New York?s sexiest and still scandalous hotspots. This is Shakespeare as it is meant to be: fun, fast, loose, and buzzed. Through the drinking game audiences will find themselves immediately drawn into the world of Shakespeare's classic comedy as they join the festivities. The actors will sit with, drink with, and directly engage the spectators as they perform the Bard?s tale of shipwrecked twins lost in a strange world. The play's themes of stasis confronting inevitable change, of morality colliding with hedonism, of sexuality and it's ambiguities, are delightfully underlined by this unique production.

The Legitimate Theater Company's mission is to create theater that is ego-less and rough in order to reach a cynical public: Those who are both tired of pop culture and skeptical of high art. We strive for a kind of theater that does not try to trick, impress, or convert people. Instead, our aim is to laugh with our audiences as we offer ideas for them to take or leave, and to create a sense of camaraderie with them in our collective search for identity, belief, and conviction.

-- from nonsense nyc

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