111 SW 5th Ave #3000, Portland, OR 97204
Portland, Oregon 97204

We miss the feeling of having our evenings triplebooked. This snowpocalypse has not given us the love we wanted, and if the white wall of death doesn't kill us, we'll be at Portland City Grill tomorrow evening for their happy hour.

Added by amye.scavarda on December 17, 2008



Yesterday I saw what I'm pretty sure sums up Portland in this weather: a Prius, with chains on the rear (wrong) wheels, driving on dry pavement.


Wow. The Prius' drive system does strange things, but I wouldn't think they could justify rear wheel chains. Oh, portland drivers. (my evening needs to be tripplebooked, but the tallest building near here is nine stories. sigh.)


I did that once as a teenager and paid the price. Learned my lesson. RTFM


Well shit, now it's snowing. We're all gonna die or freeze or such.


Come on over to Chopsticks Express and say hi afterwards if you get a song in your hearts. ; >


I'm at the Agency for the next hour if anyone wants to audible - sorry to miss y'all. :)