2948 16th St
San Francisco, California

"Capturing the creativity, but not the intensity, of like-minded disco dilettantes !!! and DFA, the San Francisco group Tussle makes dance music that doesn't require a dance floor. Instead, the group combines disparate strands of funk, techno and Krautrock into something streamlined and slightly dark that works better in headphones than in a club. Like its contemporaries, Tussle uses a formula borrowed from similar early-'80s bands -- combine endless loops of disco-era beats, bulbous bass lines and raucous percussion." - Playboy

Jackie O Motherfucker
"Inspiration is drawn from an impossibly diverse array of sound and vision: free jazz, noise rock, graffiti, space rock, folk music, Xeroxed art, the list goes on. It's safe to say, however, that the underground experiments of the 60s are a key touchstone ? musically, especially the NY loft avant-garde; visually, including Harry Smith's film loops; socially, in their grubby, seat-of-the-pants approach to life and personal politics..." - Road Cone

Ettrick feat. Moe Staiano
Self-destructive free jazz/black metal assault from San Francisco, featuring two multi-instrumentalists rotating through every permutation of their drum and sax duo.
"doubleplus killer death-jazz. like standing next to a tornado. this set nearly wrecked the building." - Cactus, KUSF
"I can't think of a band that cries out dystopian vision more than Ettrick does right now." - DJ Rick, KDVS

Weasel Walter Sextet
the group was established in august 2005 in order to terrorize the world with nuclear holocaust music made of pure sweat, blood and terror. rooted in the same sorts of intensity and power as the prime works of albert ayler, cecil taylor, peter brotzmann this band will soon rise to the top of the heap as masters of go-for-broke power improvisation. loud . fast . destructive . . .

Official Website: http://heule.us/ettrick/

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