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In celebration of World AIDS/HIV Week, UNC Chapel Hill's chapter of GlobeMed ( is hosting an event to directly benefit PMTCT (Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission) of AIDS in the village of Gulu, Uganda. 100% of proceeds from the event goes to Health Alert Uganda who actively participates in PMTCT in their community. UNC CH students, community, faculty, and anyone who would like to help will join together on the Fetzer Soccer Field located on campus adjacent to South Road on December 3rd 2008 at 12 pm to form a human AIDS ribbon. The "ribbon" will be photographed and sold for proceeds and memorabilia. If the event is a success, it will become an annual tradition. GlobeMed will be selling t-shirts for $10.00 or tickets for $2.00. Attendees will be given a red balloon (hence "Turn it Red"). The event is prepared to cap at 1000 participants. Please come out and support UNC Chapel Hill and become an active fighter against the spread of HIV/AIDS! GlobeMed is a student led non-profit organization compiled of undergraduates interested in public health and medicine. Sponsors include the UNC Center for AIDS/HIV Research and the Gillings School of Global Public Health.
For more information please contact:
Meagan Cannady
GlobeMed Secretary
[email protected]

12:00 – 12:30
Start lining up in formation with your friends and enjoy the free food and music.
12:30 – 12:35
Have your red balloon in hand, look up at the camera, smile. You’re done.

$2 for the event. Tickets will be sold in the pit and around campus until December 3rd. Present your ticket and you’ll 1) Get a red balloon to stand in the AIDS ribbon and 2) Be in the FIRST annual “Turn it Red” photo.

Your money will provide a year’s supply of clean formula milk for HIV+ mothers who cannot breast feed their children.

Heath Alert- Uganda's over-arching mission is to support children in Gulu who are infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. They have an 85% success rate in its Preventing Mother to Child Transmission program.

Not only do you get to take part in this historic (super cool) photo, but there will be entertainment and refreshments! Additionally, we will be having several speakers, including the Provost himself!

Be there!

Added by Meagan Cannady on November 18, 2008