197 East 17th Avenue (@ Main Street)
Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 1

Friday, June 29- 7:00 -11:00pm - 5-10 dollars sliding.

Blim and Evil Film School presents:

Turkish Star Wars ( film event )

7:30pm – Turkish Star Wars [1982]
Bizarre Turkish rip-off of the sci-fi classic with entire sequences stolen wholesale. Presented in Turkish with improvised English dialogue by Urban Improv!

9:15pm – Message from Space [1978]
Kinji Fukusaku (Graveyard of Honor, Battle Royale) directs this Star Wars cash-in movie with Sonny Chiba & Vic Morrow. Based on the manga by Shotaro Ishinomori (Kamen Rider, Kakida).


Official Website: http://www.evilfilmschool.com

Added by Yuriko Iga on May 23, 2007