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Do you have LSAT skills? Try out Kaplan's LSAT class for free, and learn valuable strategies for raising your score, including:

• How to crack a common Logic Game type
• How to understand common argument structures
• How to unpack a difficult Reading Comprehension passage

Planning for law school in 2010? Do you think law school is too far away to worry about right now? Think again!

The LSAT is administered four times per year: February, June, October, and December. If you wait until next October or December to take the LSAT, you’ll be studying for the LSAT, chasing down letters of recommendation, putting together financial aid information, writing personal statements, and doing whatever else you do in life—all at the same time.

However, if you take the June test, you have not only a step up but also a cushion in case something happens (like coming down with a virus) on LSAT day. Prepare now to make your life easier next fall and to ensure that you have a great LSAT score behind you before embarking on the application process.

April 13, 2009, 6:30-8:00 pm
Downtown Chicago Kaplan Center
205 W. Randolph, Second Floor
Chicago, IL 60606
One and a half blocks north of the Washington/Wells loop stop

Space is limited—reserve your spot today by calling 1-800-KAPTEST or visiting http://www.kaptest.com/enroll/LSAT/60606/events!

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I'll look forward to meeting you there--we usually have a lot of fun at these events! Rachel at Kaplan

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