420 Mason St
San Francisco, California 94102

Join the Bay Area Video Coalition, PodShow, Adobe Systems, Inc., Mayor Gavin Newsom and top digital industry leaders from the Bay Area at True2Life--the event about the power of youth storytelling and innovation in our changing media landscape.

The day will include a live performance by Shock G (Humpty Hump) of Digital Underground, guest DJs including Chief Xcel of Blackalicious, cool videos and panel discussions with reps from ASCAP, Creative Commons, Podshow, Negativland, YouTube, Grouper, Current TV, AOL Time Warner, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Scheduled panels include:

“Mix and Mash: The Interactive Future of Music”
A huge industry has emerged around the mixing and mashing of music, words and media: Danger Mouse burst onto the scene, mashing Jay-Z and the Beatles. Girl Talk proclaims “I’m Not a DJ,” while deftly crafting new songs entirely from illegally sampled Top 40 hits and indie rock. But before that, Negativland made history in 1991, releasing "U2," a song that sampled "America's Top 40" host, Casey Kasem, as well as extensive sampling of U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." While these examples have captivated the public, youth are engaged in mixing and mashing everyday. What are the implications of this? Are we simply out of ideas? Is borrowing from the old to create something new the natural evolution of the creative process? And how can labels and artists use the new digital tools in distribution? While we hope to gain insight into what is happening we also want to acknowledge that hybrid creativity is occurring in many arenas, everywhere, every day now.

“Minor(s) Shake-Up in Cyberspace: Youth Bloggers, Pop Culture and National Security”
This panel will address the proliferation of web-based communities in which users spread stories, assume characters (avatars), and derive expertise through blogs and ubiquitous sites such as MySpace and YouTube. While there is much press about child predators what do we gain from the experiments spawned from the anonymity of the internet and alter egos, e.g. Lonely Girl 15? Is it merely attention seeking or is there something about the present moment in time that has enabled folks to anonymously change the way we create, consume and see the world? In particular, can we get at what the implications of what this might be? Will there be a shift in power because information can be made and held by so many?

The event will be documented by youth participants and podcasted to 24 million viewers/listeners by our presenting partner organization PodShow.com.

The day-long forum is all ages; the cocktail reception is 21+

Saturday, October 14th
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Ruby Skye. 420 Mason (between Post and Geary), San Francisco

Cocktail reception to follow:
Ruby Skye Mezzanine
Complimentary First Drink with ticket stub (21+), courtesy of Covington & Burling

Tickets: $25 adults/$20 BAVC members/$10 youth under 21

Available online at: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/6972

Official Website: http://www.bavc.org/true2life/

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