Oxford, England

10th Anual music festival in a sleepy part of Oxfordshire.


"It is with great regret that Steventon Festivals and Truck Foundation are forced to announce the postponement of this year's Truck festival. Much of the site is under several feet of water and the Ginge Brook has completely overflowed its banks, leaving all the camping, parking and audience areas underwater and dangerous. We already have numerous acts on site as well as tshirts, programmes, CDs and the rest and we are only doing this as an absolute last resort.

WE ARE RESCHEDULING :) the event at the same location on the weekend of the 22nd September with all tickets remaining valid, and we would like to encourage ticket holders to come to that event rather than seek refunds, as it will make it more likely that we can stay afloat financially.

Those who bought physical tickets who wish for a refund should post their tickets and return address details by registered post to: TRUCK, The Old Stables East, Church Lane, Steventon, OX136SW clearly marked 'ticket refund'. This offer is only valid if tickets are received by us by Saturday 28th July 2007.

Those who bought online tickets from should contact them to arrange a refund according to their terms.

We would like to emphasise again that we'd like all of you to come to the rescheduled event if at all possible and we can pretend this biblical flood never happened! "

Tickets (£55)
Tickets to this year's festival are available to (in person) from Oxfordshire (and Reading) shops on April 10th, limited to 1,500.

Tickets will be available online, limited to 2000, with a priority email announcement to those registered as Truckers. Any remaining tickets will be made generally available shortly afterwards.

*Tickets are now sold out*

Well, the line up is a way off yet (End of june they say), so I put together a list of strong rumours and self-confirmed bands:

Official Website:

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Hardly *in* Oxford!! It's about a 20 minute drive outside it.


Corrected, Thanks. That'll teach me to copy and paste in a hurry.

Mark Wheeler

Someone ought to teach you how to spell too :P


We all know that isn't going to happen any time soon ;)

Nick Smith

Check the Truck Festival website tomorrow (monday) for ticket details ... it will sell out pretty quickly (tho not as fast as bloody Glastonbury - grrr).



More details up now. Tickets go on sale in Oxford (and Reading) on April 10th and are limited to 1500 tickets. Online sales will go on sale later and are limited to 2000. You can register as a 'Trucker' online now for priority notice of tickets going on sale.


Got my ticket :)


Tickets on sale, people who pre-registered should have gotten an email with a link to buy.

It seems like this link works for everyone though.


Well, the line up is a way off yet (End of june they say), so I put together a list of strong rumours and self-confirmed bands:


Quite a few more bands have been added to that list now.


We'd be happy to offer lifts to anyone who isn't a mad axe-murderer. Room for however many can fit on the back seat of a VW Golf, so two or three depending.

We'll head over from west Oxon on the Friday, and back on the Monday, passing by the metropole that is Oxford City.

Get in touch if you're interested.


Looks like you can't camp on the Friday, so we'll probably be heading over early Saturday. Offer above stands.

Mark Wheeler

Postponed till 22nd September! Check the official site.