429 Castro St
San Francisco, California 94114

You think you're obsessed with playing video games? Transport yourself into this pulsating neon world that looks more amazing and revolutionary now than in 1982! No other 80's film, besides BLADE RUNNER, created a more breathtaking and psychotic look at the future than this hyper-computerized video-game masterpiece.

Official Website: http://www.midnitesformaniacs.com/2006/07/tron_plus_digital_sex_80s_styl.html

Added by ldandersen on July 11, 2006



My parents took me to see it in the theater when I was 5, but I was so bored we walked out. Dumb kid! This is a classic.


The listing neglects to mention that this is part of the Castro's 70mm series - this is a brand new 70mm print of Tron.


I think my brother and I dressed up as Tron characters for Halloween once, and lusted after the impossible-to-find lightcycle toys.


I was in a theater with over 500 people in Indiapolis and was the only person to laugh at some of the tech jokes (I was 15).


A new 70mm print! Those lightcycles have never looked sharper!

BTW, defintely listen to the commentary track of the DVD — it's filled with a lot of great insight and trivia regarding the movie.


fo;ks, I excitedly saw Tron a few months ago at a midnight screening in Berkeley - just a reminder it's a really poor film - i'm just say'in..


I think this is more about futuristic nostalgia than the quality of the film.