1572 California Street
San Francisco, California

Cult horror film featured in new documentary BEST WORST MOVIE
Showing Midnight Friday, June 4; and Saturday, June 5 at Landmark’s Lumiere Theatre

Landmark’s Lumiere Theatre, 1572 California Street, San Francisco (415) 267-4893
Tickets are $10.50 for general admission and $8.00 for seniors, students and children
Special guests both nights
Friday, June 4: Actors Michael Paul Stephenson and George Hardy
Saturday, June 5: Actor George Hardy
Tickets at: http://www.landmarktheatres.com/tickets and theatre box office.

TROLL 2 is presented only two shows, Fri & Sat, June 4-5 at midnight! Also don’t miss the new documentary about TROLL 2, Best Worst Movie, showing a full week’s engagement June 4-10, at both Landmark’s Lumiere Theatre in San Francisco, and Landmark’s Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley.

TROLL 2 - In the summer of 1989, Italian director Claudio Fragrasso cast small-town dentist Dr. George Hardy and a group of unwitting Utah actors in an ultra-low budget horror film, which eventually became the undisputed Worst Movie in History. This ultra-low budget, B-horror film is consistently ranked on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) as one of the worst movies of all time. Hailed by its fans as the Best Worst Movie, it tells of a family trip in which a young boy named Joshua (Michael Stephenson) is chased by man-eating goblins in a town called Nilbog ("Goblin" spelled backwards). Evil takes the form of hobbling, pudgy-potato-sack-clad dwarves wearing cheap, stiff, latex masks. Popcorn sex scenes, absurd one-liners and peculiar story ideas (such as battling vegetarian goblins with a double-decker bologna sandwich!) have contributed to the cult status of the film. A non-stop, laugh-a-minute gem of unintentional comedy, Troll 2 is so bad, it's actually... good!

“The bad movie to end all bad movies.” – Hit-n-run.com
“For those not indoctrinated into the cult of Troll 2, you are missing one of the best/worst horror films ever created. Watch immediately. Repeat.”– www.greencine.com
“Some films are so bad they’re great. Troll 2 is so bad that it’s actually a life changing experience.”– Horrorwatch.com

Official Website: http://bestworstmovie.com/

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