1015 Folsom Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Location: 1015 Folsom
1015 Folsom
San Francisco, CA

Come out and join us as we celebrate the announcement of the Tribe25! Doors open at 7:30, and a free drink for each of the first 100 folks.

Tribe.net is a place where people connect through common interests, and are presented with fresh, relevant content based on their behaviors and preferences.

The Tribe25 are really interesting people in the Bay Area and nationwide that tribe.net members know are cool (but maybe other people don't). All of these folks are using our new profiles (which are launching shortly) to the maximum: to blog, link to sound files, post photos, link to other parts of the web, and customize to their heart's content. We know who all 25 of these people are, but we're keeping the secret for a bit longer!

The night's lineup will not disappoint! First off, the party's at 1015 Folsom. We've just been down there to check on all the cool renovations they're putting in. It's gonna be great!

Also, we'll have performances from awesome local talent. The schedule so far looks like:

Will Franken - Comedian
Suhaila Dance Company - Belly Dancing
Scissors for Lefty - Live Music
Dhamaal Electronic Artist Collective - DJ

Folks this will be like all of our previous parties but spiked with red bull, rockstar and mountain dew. From the city-renowned sound quality of 1015 Folsom to the twisted comedy of Will Franken and worldly beats of the Dhamaal collective, we'll keep your head spinning.

It'll be the cat's pajamas, it'll be cracker jacks and daisy dukes, it'll be raining fantasia and it'll all be under the tribe.net umbrella!

$5 Cover (Free for Members)
We?re going to charge $5 at the door, but admission is FREE for tribe.net members. Just print your tribe.net profile page and show it at the door (no matter how funky the print job turns out).

All door proceeds will benefit the Hopscotch Network. The Hopscotch Network mobilizes socially conscious young adults to support established non-profits dedicated to improving the lives of children through educational and life-improving support. See www.hopscotchnetwork.org/

More About the Performers
Will Franken
"Recently selected "Best Comedian" by the SF Weekly, Will Franken is a psychedelic collision of satire and absurdity, blind rage and delicate lyricism, highly literate, highly tangential and tailor-made for anybody who's ever hated mainstream stand-up comedy."
See willfranken.tribe.net and www.willfranken.com/

Suhaila Dance Company:
Suhaila's unique background has prepared her to become one of the world's most sought-after performers, teachers, and choreographers of traditional Middle Eastern dance. See suhaila.tribe.net/ and www.suhaila.com

Scissors for Lefty "A polished and multi-layered exploration of danceable beats, synthesized textures and industrial riffing, the album is rounded out with early Bowie-esque vocals and dark sensibilities." See www.scissorsforlefty.com/ and scissorsforlefty.tribe.net/

Dhamaal Electronic Artist Collective
Recently selected as Best of the Bay by the SF Guardian, ?The Dhamaal Artist Collective has been feverishly pushing forward hybrids of South Asian and world culture for the last 6 years.? Read reviews on tribe.net: sanfrancisco.tribe.net/recomm...tion/d31daebe-7677-436b-9e38-cca84e32e64b
See also dhamaalsf.com and dhamaal.tribe.net/

This is a 21-and-over event.

Added by bumper on June 20, 2005