15711 Waterloo Rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44110

The group below will represent Trepanning Trio (plus 7) at the big album release show, playing selections from I am a Crooked Arrow and The Man Killed the Bird.... It's going to be a VERY interesting group:

David Mansbach, Cleveland, Ohio - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Stem Glasses, Melodica
Ron Tucker, Brooklyn, New York - Drums, Percussion, various key and mallet instruments
Bob Drake, Cleveland, Ohio - Various hand-made acoustic and electronic instruments, Banjo
Andrew Ludick, Kilkenny, Ireland - Kalimba, Ukulele, Percussion, Melodica and Harmonica
Kris Morron, Cleveland, Ohio - Guzheng and Trombone
Dan Wenninger, Cleveland, Ohio - Saxophone
David Badagnani, Kent, Ohio - Accordion, Oboe, English Horn, Fiddle & Viola da Gamba
Tyler Horter, Cincinnati, Ohio - Guitar and Banjo
Eric Alleman, Cleveland, Ohio - Keys and Percussion
Brent Gummow, Cleveland, Ohio - Video

ToBoxWithMan (THE Eric Alleman) and Oblique Orchestra (Wenninger, Castaldi, Nichols) will also be performing.

Ancillary will also be performing a short set on that night as well to help promote his release.


Official Website: http://www.experimentalbehavior.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=7376

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