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Join this informative panel to discuss the latest developments and trends in electronic payments, privacy and data protection regulations with attorneys from global law firm, Pillsbury. Experts Deborah Thoren-Peden, Catherine Meyer and Tara Desautels will cover each of the timely topics below in detail for business owners. A session not to be missed!

I. Overview of electronic payment systems
- Types of electronic payments: prepaid, e-cash/digital cash, mobile payments, virtual currency, micropayments, remote deposit capture
- Roles of various parties to such payments and network systems available
- Basic legal requirements for offering/using/redeeming through such mechanisms
- Recent federal and state legislations and regulations

II. Regulatory update
- Fallout from the biggest security breaches: TJX and Heartlands
- Financial exposure and costs of settlement
- Stricter regulations coming out of legislatures and state consumer agencies
- Trends in encryption requirements
- Trends in document security and destruction

III. Security Breach update
- Conflicting standards
- Trends towards including all storage media (electronic, computerized, paper, video)
- Impact is not just from external hackers, but involves employees, vendors, temporary employees and former employees
- Written response plan is a useful tool in managing the incident when it hits
- Preventative measures

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