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Energy is everywhere. It affects us in ways most people do not think they do. And yes, it affects our thoughts and behaviors. Chances are you know what I mean the relationships that leave you drained, but do not see a way out or know how to change them. For example, DO YOU EVER: Feel like you become a different person a fish out of water - when going into work? Feel like you have to change to please another person? Feel like you are mopped on - a form of hostile, silent ganging up on by others - in the workplace? Feel dumped on by family members, friends, and also by co-workers or clients? Feel stuck and powerless to change YOUR situation in life? Feel discouraged and down due to recurring thoughts and beliefs that are outdated? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions it is time to find out why these obstacles take place and re-claim your inner power by aligning yourself to the beautiful being you are. By doing so you will vibrate and release positive energy to change and create an environment where you can flourish. Call 443-396-1282 or e-mail [email protected]

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