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Hosts: American Enterprise Institute, Council on Public Policy.
Business litigation in national and international courts is a business, and it is increasingly international. The judicial decisions and doctrines that govern the field are the subject of torrents of law review articles. But we know much less about the institutional aspects of business litigation--the organization of international courts and the strategies, incentives, and organization of corporate interests and their lawyers. How and to what extent do those interests attempt to shape the legal environment, and with what results? How do private corporate litigants fare in European and American courts--and what should we expect for future business litigation?

The Transatlantic Law Forum, a project of the American Enterprise Institute and the Council on Public Policy, will host a transatlantic conference to examine the international "business of law." Leading scholars, practitioners, and judges from Europe and the United States will discuss the political, economic, and legal dimensions of international commercial litigation. Panel topics include the organization of the professional bar; the pattern of private litigation in a variety of venues; and the strategic choice of law and legal forums, including arbitration.

Official Website: http://www.aei.org/event/100086

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