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Introduction to Agile Methods – One Day Course

Are you involved in the specification, purchase, project management or delivery of an IT or web-based project? If so, you need to know about Agile methods.

Agile methods, are a group of new techniques which make it easier to deliver IT and web-based projects in environments of uncertainty and constant change. Did you ever try to plan a project but things didn't go quite as you expected? Agile methods are designed to deal with that kind of experience. They emphasise the delivery of projects in short iterations: the end of each iteration, priorities can be re-ordered or new ones can be added making sure that you are always delivering to the client the things that they value most.

This introductory course will give you an immediate feel for the difference that working using Agile techniques can have for the IT projects that you work on.

Attending this course will allow you to:

* Provide the most value in the work that you do for you client.
* Plan your work in short iterations.
* Deal with new and unexpected information and changes as a project progresses.
* Improve your estimates of how long work will take.
* Deliver what you say you'll deliver, when you say you'll deliver it.

Suitable for people working as either a producer or project manger or software developer in any new media or software development environment. Also suitable for
people involved in the specification and procurement of software.

No programming skills required.

Contact: Mark Stringer
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01273 726 030
Mobile: 07736 807 604

Official Website: http://www.agile-lab.co.uk/courses.php

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