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Agile for Programme and Project Managers - 1 day course

Agile principles are relatively straight-forward and easy to understand, but introducing any new methods into a complex work and business environment is always a difficult and delicate task. This second level course uses a combination of case studies and activities to give senior management, programme and project managers the skills that they need to introduce Agile into their own working environments.

Issues dealt with in this course include:
· Helping senior management understand Agile
· Showing the benefits of Agile to your customers
· Introducing Agile methods into to your development team
· Managing Iterative Development
· Understanding how Agile changes project risks
· Fitting Agile methods inside conventional project management methods such as

Attending this course will allow you to: get the best out of Agile methods in your own working environment and convince those that you work with of the benefits of Agile.

Suitable for: senior managers, project and programme managers, client relationship
managers, business development and sales people.

Contact: Mark Stringer
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01273 726 030
Mobile: 07736 807 604

Official Website: http://www.agile-lab.co.uk/courses.php

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