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A PWYC All-Night Public-Space Thing

Make the Toronto Public Space Committee your white knight as we stay up all night in public places on the last weekend in September!

11PM · The Brunswick Theatre
296 Brunswick Avenue (Upstairs)

Please pay what you can to keep this event free from corporate sponsorship!
Join the Toronto Public Space Committee at Toronto's newest activist cinema, our home base and crash pad for the evening. Many of our campaigns will be represented, so come and find out about what we do. Stay up late, sleep over, or join us on Sunday - it's your choice! Enjoy art and public spaces the way they were meant to be experienced - free of corporatization!

Events subject to change without notice.

Taddle Creek Memories (Human River Walk)
Come hang out with us as the Human River recreates the buried Taddle Creek with a magical art environment inside the Brunswick Theatre. Bring blankets and pillows to make your own fort or chill out amidst the sights and sounds of a woodland creek.

All Night Film Screenings (Streets to Screens)
Watch films all night on the big screen, courtesy of Streets to Screens and the National Film Board. The programme repeats throughout the night so drop by to see what we've got playing. There'll be short films as well as some special feature length favourites you won't want to miss!

Poster Harvesting/Button Making (Art Crew)
Harvest expired posters from around the neighbourhood, then come back and make your own unique wearable piece of public space! Make some for yourself, or make some to contribute to the TPSC. We'll provide all the tools, you provide the imagination and inspiration.

Illegal Sign Safari (Billboard Batallion ·
Toronto is chock full of billboards, and a lot of them shouldn't be there! Go hunting for billboards behaving badly with our friends from, or find out how you can join the Billboard Batallion and become a force for change from the comfort of your own home!
Moonlight Bulb Plant · 1AM (Guerilla Gardeners)
Think it's too late in the season for gardening? Think you've missed out on this year's activities? Think again! Commit senseless acts of beautification by the light of the moon in our city's interstitial spaces. Planting in the in-between places helps keep civic pride from falling between the cracks - literally!

Sonic River & Chalkfish · 2AM (Human River · Art Attack)
The sounds of nature in the city seem crisper and sharper at night, and whispers that go unnoticed during the day are alive all around us. Join the intrepid aural explorers of Art Attack as they record the sounds of hidden waters beneath our city streets and stencil enviro-friendly chalk drawings of fish by storm sewer grates to remind people of where our wastewaters flow.

Alleywalk Graf Tour · 3AM (Art Attack · Style In Progress)
Grafitti is a huge part of the urban landscape, and one of the most maligned expressions of public art there is. Is one man's vandalism always another man's art? Find out the stories of the people behind the pieces and the names behind the tags with your guide Minus 2 from the Style In Progress collective.
"Nuit Brunch" · 10AM
Too tired to take part in the evening adventures? Join us on Sunday instead, and start your day off right with some fresh fruit and baked goods.

Ecology Workshops · 11AM and 1PM (Human River)
Where does the rain go and why should we be paying attention? Bring the whole family out to take part in our ecology workshops designed to educate kids and parents about storm water management.

Film Screening · 2PM · $5/PWYC (Streets to Screens)
Streets to Screens presents a Sunday matinée of "Crapshoot", a feature-length documentary from the National Film Board on how our modern sewage practices impact human health and the environment.

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