10426 136th Street
Edmonton, Alberta

What is your vision of democracy in Alberta?

Hosted by
Dr. David Swann – MLA, Calgary Mountain View with special guests:
- Laurie Blakeman - MLA, Edmonton Centre
- Les Brost - political commentator

Thirty seven years of Conservative government rule coupled with a consistent decline in citizen participation bring us to the current reality.

In the last election, 22 per cent of the total electorate chose another Tory majority government with 85 per cent of the seats.

Almost 60 per cent of Albertans simply did not vote and we need to know the reasons. How can the public be re-engaged? How can we move beyond left-right distinctions to a politics of integrity?

Will Albertans come together in public forums, group discussions and debates, internet chat rooms and blogs to take the next steps to distill key principles and goals in renewed and more democratic organizations, with more new faces - especially women, young people and visible minorities?

Is there an opportunity for consensus on key issues such as the environment, fiscal prudence and democratic reform?

Come out and join David Swann, Laurie Blakeman and Les Brost for a thought-provoking evening of discussion and an open forum on the ways forward to reinvigorate the democratic process in Alberta.

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