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Do you find European women attractive. Have you always wanted to learn more about this culture?

Do you know about the Global Market Value (GMV)? It's a theory that I've discussed in my upcoming book about how people (female or male) may be more sexually more desirable in other cities or countries. This is not about buying or paying for attention. This is simply your personality or your soul may be misplaced, and you may not be receiving the attention that you deserve. Thus, you keep going out to the clubs or cafes in your area, but the girls (boys) don't find you attractive enough to become sexual. This really sucks, because life is short and full of potential. Yet, the world is FULL of opportunities, and it's your job to unleash those opportunities. How do I know all of this? I was in this disastrous situation at one time in my life. When I was in high school, I asked so many girls out, but none of them were attracted to me. I was rejected to the 10th degree. I thought that I was a loser, then I went to Europe when I was 19. I went there originally to skateboard (I was an avid skateboarder since 12), but I returned for the women and the culture. I respect the women and their culture. Going to Europe and learning that I was more sexually desirable really changed my life. It made me more confident to start companies and socialize with men or women in any situation. Of course, women were attracted to my presence, and I didn't do anything other than to be myself. I've discussed this topic with many men and women who have traveled or lived abroad and experienced their GMV escalate without doing anything.

Let's go into detail. For instance, my Local Market Value (LMV) in San Francisco was in the red before I went to Europe. Now, even though I know the process of the game after 16 years, in which I've phenomenal success in parts of Western Europe, I'm not hitting my potential in my local market. I just returned from Milan, Italy, promoting nightclubs and bars around the world, and the Italian guys were a little shocked with my approaches on the women. I always thought that Italian men cornered the market on female attraction, yet they're just like you and me. However, they live and express themselves the way that they want. I could explain this in detail, but I met some Italian guys who gave me their input with me. They were impressed with me to introduce themselves to me and discuss women (universally) very openly with me. They definitely know their GMV when they go on vacation, and they have probably more consistent success, according to the women who I've met around the world. This wasn't the first time that this has happened. When I was partying in Munich, Germany, swarms of guys were just watching me go up to each beautiful woman at the lounge making them laugh, and they politely ask what kind of "tricks" I was doing to make the girls become attracted to me. I gave one of them a short course right next to the dance floor so he could try it on the next girl who he found attractive. I meet women everywhere. Once I met a dancer who looked like Penelope Cruz on the street, and we ended up walking and discussing life. She even bought me a drink without asking me. She gave me her number, because she wanted to continue the conversation. There are universal tricks that women will do to defend themselves from strangers, and the most successful guys know how to respect those boundaries. Eventually, she will signal to you if she's interested in you. You can learn if your GMV is higher than your LMV in Europe, and you don't have to spend 16 years like me.

Sidenote: The GMV exists for women as well. I know women from Europe who stayed in the USA (and got married, divorced, whatever), because they had a higher GMV than their LMV. In certain markets in Europe, the supply of (relative beauty) is abundant! I mean the competition is so high for them, and that's the reason certain women chose to stay in the USA; this is not a mistake on their part. It was a well-planned and calculated decision to enhance their lives, and that's totally normal. They used the GMV / LMV formula just like me, but think about this for a second...they thought their LMV was a 5, but in the USA, their GMV is 8. They change their valuation (similar to P/E ratio) according to the higher GMV. Imagine if you go to the land of abundant beauty and met a girl, you thought was a 9, but her valuation was much more modest and friendly. Does this sound too good to be true? It's not, and I've seen this pattern for the past 16 years. They came from all over developed Western European countries and Japan, and they made this decision to enhance their quality of life. People and companies will always behave differently in a market when they have good options. Normally, they have patience and confidence that their decisions are correct. On the other hand, people and companies with less options tend to over-pay for overvalued services or products. Hence, only the suppliers in a monopoly do well in a market with high demand. Do you see the correlation of market theory and the game of intimacy? It's just a game as to how to make oneself the happiest, and I am a devout believer that people have a right to be happy. Men need to tap into this angle as well, because life is too short to live on razor-thin margins.

I'm starting a service as the European Party Tour Guide who is available for small groups (5 of less - all male or all female). I'm 35, but girls say that I'm in my mid 20's, and I have an MBA. I can discuss business, art, sex, politics, travel, Web2.0, VCs, length. I've learned how the locals socialize and party throughout the years, and people were always amazed by my experiences. This is not a seduction boot camp or a course. I DO NOT guarantee ANY intimate success for yourself. Humans are complex species, and I cannot make you a success in 3 days. You can make you a success. I will just demonstrate what works for me and share my keen insight that you will never ever able to grasp, unless you saw it in action. As a tour guide, I will accompany a small group (5 or less) for an agreed hours per day and explain the social customs and how I socialize with the local women or men. This is a heteromale group. In order to understand the women, you need to understand the men from a cultural standpoint. I use only my socializing skills, that's it. I don't pay or buy attention from women; this all comes from my mind, body and soul. It helps if you read some socializing techniques or took some previous courses.

Here's the pricing:
$5,000 for 3 days. (50% is required and is non-refundable once we agree on the dates)

You cover your own costs: Flight, shopping, hotel, food, drinks, club entrance

Again, I don't guarantee that you'll have a higher GMV in Western Europe, yet you can learn about the culture and learn about yourself.

We don't control the markets, but we can all find the markets that give us the highest Market Value (MV). If you do learn that you have a higher GMV, then we need to talk. You may have won the jackpot of your life, and this epiphany may just change your life for the better. I'll share my personal experiences so that you could make better life / relationship decisions and learn from my mistakes. This alone is priceless; this is why I'm writing tidbits of what I learned from my life as a global socializer.

There are only limited slots open per week, and I go through a detailed screening process to see if this service would be a good fit for you. I don't want to make this experience awkward and unrewarding for you. This is a lot of money to spend, and I may be able to refer you to other options that may suit you better.

This is a perfect gift for a son who can learn more how to develop his social skills. Many single moms have confided that they didn't have a strong, positive role model when their son was growing up, and this is important for young men to have in their environment. Also, this is perfect for the over-achiever who seems to have all the academic and material success but is lacking with social success. This is also fitting for men who have been recently divorced; there many available women who are looking for a compatible partner.

This is what I need from you:

What's your goal for this trip

Which countries do you think you would garner a higher GMV. Why?

What makes you happy

Annual income (please be honest)



Where have you traveled in the world

Dates that you can travel

Your Local Market Value

Contact Info if I need to talk to you



We meet in person in San Francisco so we understand each other and you understand what I'm offering. If you're in Asia or S. America, then we could do some skype sessions before we go to Europe.

You meet other people in the group and make sure that we're all compatible.

We hang out and socialize in San Francisco. We see each other in our LMV before we experience the GMV.

We set up the travel plans.

We go and have fun in Europe!

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