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description from the TBS comp page:
Touchstone Climbing is excited to announce the fifth season of Touchstone Bouldering Series. During the first 4 seasons of the TBS, we have seen record turnout for these bouldering comps. They will be held on Friday evenings, one at each of the Touchstone locations. All events will include a red point Bouldering comp as well as refreshments, games and prizes. Points will be award for each comp with overall winners being announced after the final comp. The first event will be held in July at Mission Cliffs and will conclude in November at Berkeley Ironworks.

These comps are FREE for Touchstone Members

Points will be standardized for each comp. This means that a v3 problem at Mission Cliffs will be worth close to the same as a V3 problem at Pipeworks. The point system will be as follows:
V0 1-999
V1 1000-1999
V2 2000-2999
V3 3000-3999
These will be self scoring comps. Your score will be the total of your five best completed problems.

There will be three levels of competitions for both men and women.
Beginner V0-V2 V0-V1
Intermediate V3-V5 V2-V4
Advanced V6+ V5+

Your top 3 scores out of the 5 possible scores will be used to calculate your final standings. Once the season starts you will be able to see your current standings online.

*If you average above your current level, there is a possibility that you may be bumped to the next level for final standings.

In the spirit of fun for all, prizes available will be raffled randomly at each event, so just try, and you could win something.

Official Website: http://www.touchstoneclimbing.com/comps.html

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