1418 W. Howard St. at Sheridan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60626

Dance is one of the most natural and easy bridges to a state of intensity and receptivity. Being total, inwardly undivided, a state, in which we feel at home, we experience joy and a oneness with life.
Total dancing happens, through giving oneself into dancing spontaneously and wholeheartedly, like a child, which out of joy and pleasure dances to whatever music. Put all achievement and goal-orientation aside and go fully into the moment, celebrating and rejoicing in the dance itself.
After the dance we are resting in silence for 20min, just to be. Wednesdays, 6:00pm-7:00pm. Inner Metamorphosis University, 1418 W Howard St, Chicago 60626 www.Lifesurfing.org, 773-262-1468

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