150 Harbord St.
Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Wiki Tuesday returns!

This Tuesday we return to the Rower's Pub http://dine.to/rowers, in the private upstairs room. This provides adequate space and is quiet to talk, so we can simultaneously tap keen ideas and good beer.

It's clear that mass-collaboration is being noticed by project team leads and is being tested in all types of organizations, from corporates to charities. Yet, several factors need to be in place for a wiki to take hold, as the revolution is social not technical.

So we'll discuss success stories, inviting contribution from the floor, in true participatory style.

We'll also talk about Don Tapscott and Anthony William's Wikinomics book, and reveal how to participate in their wiki.

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/TorontoWikiTuesdays

Added by mrjcleaver on November 20, 2006