100 Queen St. W.
Toronto, Ontario

This year will be the 4th annual Toronto Zombiewalk bringing together the ranks of the rank to shamble through the streets of Toronto. Recently the phenomenon has spread to other towns and cities across the globe, but as the epicentre of the Zombie plague it is expected that this year will see more undead than ever before.
Why do they come? No real reason can explain.
What do they do? Stumble moaning past the leering hordes of normals on their eternal trudge of damnation in search of brains.

This is a non-commercial just-for-the-hell-of-it event, and anyone who wants to become one of the netherworld's legion may take part.

Rain has not been known to kill zombies, and their motor functions are usually good enough to hold an umbrella. The Undead will Spread come rain or shine.

For more details http://www.torontozombiewalk.com has flyers, route maps, costume tips and more.

Spread The Undead!

Official Website: http://www.torontozombiewalk.com

Added by torontozombiewalk on August 31, 2006