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Toronto's monthly gathering about wiki technologies, deployments and adoption. Come along, share your story over a beer.

This month's speaker will be Adrian Fritsch, who will give us a run-down of Debatum, a debating application built upon a wiki.

After Adrians talk we'll turn the conversation to the audience to discuss how, where and why Wikis are usually used in Politics and in what ways Debatum offers something new.

Expect a lively discussion of the opportunities and resistance to wikis in politics.

Bring a sharp mind and a friend.

Official Website: http://www.torontowikituesdays.com

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Adrian added:

In a nutshell, the big, (very)long-term goal of Debatum is to create a comprehensive reference of controversial ideas and the related knowledge. A reader should be able to quickly grasp the best arguments of each side, and get the picture of where this debate fits in the much larger context of the related debates and ideas.

For the short-term we want to build a critical mass of reference
articles/debates to serve as the model, and at the same time, refine a set of guiding principles in building Debatum. At the meeting I will present my initial vision of article's layout - with a few examples, and my initial set of principles.

One of the most difficult question I could receive is: "why not do this in Wikipedia?", but I think I have some good answers to that.

Looking forward to other difficult questions and... arguments from you...

Adrian Fritsch